Difficulties possible in the trek?
Yes ,it depends on the route .In the Himalaya short treks is easier then longer and high passes trekking route .high passes trekking require some physical fitness but depends up on your sprit and adventure better you prepared with some trails .While trekking and hiking companies here in Nepal are friendly and experience and porters are dependable with your personal .
What about stay during our Trek?
Basically the type of trek you are going on in the Himalaya are camping trekking and tea house trekking holidays if you choose the first one camping trekking the porter or assistant with you will prepare your tent with in the available facilitate place which we use to .you need not to be worry because tent, mattress and pillow we are providing will fulfill the atmosphere of your comfortable. There will be comfortable atmosphere for your dining and corresponding with your fellow.
If you choose second I.e. tea house trekking here you will spend your night in the tea house .Tea house are locally made houses or restaurant or social hang out point that may be capable to meet your requirement of stay . Which is eco friendly and panoramic. We suggest our trekker over Everest ,langtang and Annapurna try it out to experience local ground of environment.
Type of food and water ?
If it is camping trek you will have your own kitchen and food to prepare as bagged before starting the journey. our kitchen staff will make ready on your demand .
If it is tea house trekking you will get your breakfast and dinner over tea house where you stay and lunch will be on route restaurant of your trial where you will be served with the traditional Nepali meal food menu may varies with different tea houses . Considering the health of our guest we our priority will be always with clean and sanitary kitchens .for safe drinking water you can get boiled and iodine water from every tea houses and guide will help you to get it of your requirement.
Case of emergency and doctor?
We seek the possibility of every circumstances to overcome but it’s a bit difficult to arrange doctors in the trekking route in case of emergency every client should have their own insurance before journey as company will initially cover the cost of an evacuation until your insurance company deliver payment .
About finance?
Its all about your choice of tour ,trekking ,rafting ,jungle safari ,accommodation ,days you will spent ,transport you choose .it varies with every packages .let us know of your trip so that we could explain you better that how much money you need to spent.

Abut guides?
We have experienced guide of all kind that they will handle every situation to facilitate our guest .Our guide are well trained and able to explain every aspect of his country, local places and geographic with its historical background .

Adequate number fot the trip?
Its not necessary our guest must be in group or single .Up on their request we can make all kind of trekking and tour . Even if you are alone and willing to join another group of your interested journey we will provide you all the detail about and help you out.

About rest room and private rooms in trip?
Must of the tea houses are providing normal private rooms but bathroom are shared .Generally we book tea houses with optimum facilities that could be given .as it’s a high altitude and remote part of mountain all the requirement may not be fulfilled and considerable .
What we do each day in trekking?

In the outdoors Himalaya trekking, ordinarily yours exercises starts around 6 am with a mug of espresso or tea served through your tent fold. Boiled water is accommodated washing and shaving, trailed by breakfast water is accommodated your water compartments. We strike camp and start strolling in the satisfied cool of the morning for 2-4 hours before ceasing for lunch. This two-hour break offers a chance to write in your journal, read and unwind. The full dinner ordinarily incorporates new natural product, tinned meat, cheddar, rice chapattis or bread rolls, cooked vegetables, and tea or espresso. We more often than not achieve our campground by 4 pm and have tea and bread rolls soon after wards. There is an ideal opportunity to rest or investigate before our night feast at 6 pm. This is the get-together of the day. It starts with a hors d’oeuvre and soup, trailed by the principle course and forsake with tea or espresso. The assortment and nature of our “Camp” sustenance will amuse you. Visitor continues undermining to take our cooks home! As we predominantly camp close towns, there is typically a lot of time to visit local people previously or after supper and test their home blends. After supper yours guide will give you data about tomorrow’s program. In a similar time you can visit with yours trekking group about different issues.

In the tea house trekking, you will typically wake up at 7:00 am and yours guide will be take care of yours breakfast things. When you will be prepared for hiking your breakfast will be in yours table. After Breakfast you will begin to trek towards yours next goal. In transit the guide will share different data about the place and other helpful data, which you require. In the early afternoon, you will eat on the trail eatery. At night time, you will reach to yours tea house. Yours guide will be now affirmed yours room in tea house. After yours short rest in tea house, and having after shower your may have investigate the nearby town as your advantage. At night time will be appreciate with yours supper and decent talking with your trekking group. You will be typically get all the data about your following day’s timetable by trekking guide.