Marshyangdi River Rafting

Marshyangdi River is also renowned as the “Ragging River” in Nepal. Globally, it is considered as one of the paramount white water runs. Marshyangdi River begins from the convergence of two Himalayan rivers i.e. Jharsang River and Khangsar River. In 1996 it was opened for the people to do rafting. It has the most thrilling grade IV and V. it is one of the most excellent grade IV Kayaking Rivers in the world with its uninterrupted thrilling white water with superb mountains scenario at its back. The scenery is superb with every curve of the river with magnificent Mountain View. Rafting in this river requires full assurances from the crew member and rafting guide. It is fully special from the Sunkoshi and Karnali River because of the rapids flow of the water and technical prospectus. This rivers demands quick response from the crew members and they should be alert. It is a perfect option for that adventure lover who seeks an immense and acute rafting experience and is also for those who had some experience of rafting before. 

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